How to tackle the systemic challenges in textile industry

FINIX researchers and a number of entrepreneurs in textile industry do their part in fighting the problems in the textile industry. Minna Halme and Olli Sahimaa created a map of the challenges, showcasing how the problems link to each other.

This might seem overwhelming, but can be tackled with small steps. The challenge is that many of the steps should be taken simultaneously.

Check out the challenge map and watch the videos where FINIX researchers and Finnish entrepreneurs share their stories.

People in the videos:

Noora Alhainen, Pure Waste

Outi Luukko, Touch Point, Rester

Soile-Maria Linnemäki, Vaatepuu

Jarkko Kallio, Frenn

Linda Turunen, Aalto School of Business

Marja Rissanen, Aalto Chem

Samuli Patala, Aalto School of Business

Kirsti Cura, LAB