Designing in a circular economy context
Kirsi Niinimäki, Marjaana Tanttu, Eugenia Smirnova

Marginalised Small-Scale Farmers as Actors in JustCircular-EconomyTransitions – Exploring Opportunities to Circulate Crop Residue as RawMaterial in India
Anna Härri, Jarkko Levänen, Katariina Koistinen

Solving the systemic challenges in textile and fashion industry
Kirsi Niinimäki, Essi Karel (Designer), Marja Rissanen, Linda Turunen, Samuli Patala, Olli Sahimaa

Machine vision estimates the polyester content in recyclable waste textiles
Mikko Mäkelä, Herbert Sixta, Marja Rissanen

Air gap spinning of a cellulose solution in [DBNH][OAc] ionic liquid with a novel vertically arranged spinning bath to simulate a closed loop operation in the Ioncell process
Chamseddine Guizani, Sauli Larkiala, Kaniz Moriam, Daisuke Sawada, Sherif Elsayed, Sami Rantasalo, Michael Hummel, Herbert Sixta

Recycling of Superbase-Based Ionic Liquid Solvents for the Production of Textile-Grade Regenerated Cellulose Fibers in the Lyocell Process
Sherif Elsayed, Sanna Hellsten, Chamseddine Guizani, Joanna Witos, Marja Rissanen, Antti H. Rantamäki, Pauliina Varis, Susanne K. Wiedmer, Herbert Sixta

New insights into the air gap conditioning effects during the dry-jet wet spinning of an ionic liquid-cellulose solution
Chamseddine Guizani, Kaarlo Nieminen, Marja Rissanen, Sauli Larkiala, Michael Hummel, Herbert Sixta

Superbase-based protic ionic liquids for cellulose filament spinning
Sherif Elsayed, Michael Hummel, Daisuke Sawada, Chamseddine Guizani, Marja Rissanen & Herbert Sixta

Repairing fashion cultures; from disposable to repairable
Kirsi Niinimäki and Marium Durrani

Hyperspectral near infrared image calibration and regression
Mikko Mäkelä, Paul Geladi, Marja Rissanen, Lauri Rautkari, Olli Dahl

A Mixed-Method Study of Design Practices and Designers’ Roles in Sustainable-Minded Clothing Companies
Essi Karell, Kirsi Niinimäki

Deconstructing the Clothing Design Process for a Circular Economy
Essi Karell & Kirsi Niinimäki (2019)
(Karell, E. & Niinimäki, K. (2019) Deconstructing the Clothing Design Process for a Circular Economy. PLATE19, Product lifetimes and the environment conference. Berlin, Germany. Fraunhofer IZM and Technische Universität Berlin)

Closing the Loop: Intentional Fashion Design Defined by Recycling Technologies
Kirsi Niinimäki & Essi Karell 
(Niinimäki, K. & Karell, E. (2019) Closing the Loop: Intentional Fashion Design Defined by Recycling Technologies.
In Vignali, G., Reid, L.F., Ryding, D. & Henninger, C. (Eds.) Technology-driven Sustainability; Innovation in the Fashion Supply-chain. Palgrave.)

Intermediation dilemmas in facilitated industrial symbiosis
Samuli Patala, Asta Salmi, Nancy Bocken

Communicating Actionable Sustainability Informatio to Consumers: The Shades of Green instrument for Fashion
Linda Turunen, Minna Halme (2021)

Transformative Turning Points of Fashion (forthcoming)
Kirsi Niinimäki, Haukkala, Linda Turunen

The Environmental Price of Fast Fashion
Niinimäki. K., Peters, G., Dahlbo, H., Perry p., Rissanen, t. & Gwilt, A. (2020)

And Yet it circulates – Five outlooks on building and a European circular economy
Laura Eiro, Jonne Hirvonen, Samuli Patala, Sirpa Pietikäinen, Saara-Sofia Sirén, edited by Samuel Tammekann and Antti Vesala

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