Consortium members

The research group consists of material researchers, textile designers, sustainability science skills, legislative and communications professionals and digital technology experts.

Consortium principal investigator

Prominent career with sustainability in business with current focus on sustainable business models and collaborative sustainability innovation. Frequent advisor and speaker in corporate fora and media, advises the Finnish Parliament as a member of the National Sustainable Development Panel.

Extensive experience in production and valorization of man-made cellulosic fibres. Leads the academic development of Ioncell at Aalto.

deputy principal investigator

Strong competence in design research and in design-driven multidisciplinary collaboration, with experience from the textile and fashion industries. Director of the Fashion/Textile FUTURES research group in Aalto and is one of the leading researchers in the field of sustainable fashion globally.

Solid background in industrial and academic sustainability work. Expertise in sustainability strategies, life cycle approaches and the practical applicability of circular economy business models. Special interest areas cover transparency, digitalization, stakeholder dialogue and sustainability risk management.

Expertise in ecosystems and partnerships for sustainable development, circular economy governance as well as institutional change processes during sustainability transitions.
Expertise in socio-cognitive aspects of sustainability management and circular economy. In Finix, Jarkko focuses on sustainability implications of new materials, technologies and practices, especially in developing countries.

Expertise in software engineering, systems engineering and data management, as well as digital transformation in industrial setting.

Malahat Ghoreishi

D.Sc. Senior Lecturer, RDI expert in digitalization and circular economy.

Areas of specialization: transition to sustainability, legal innovations, proactive law and proactive contracting, empirical research regarding contracting, value chain management, corporate social responsibility and legislative and regulatory research.

Interaction coordinator

Experience in communications, impact facilitation and messaging. Her focus areas are sustainability in business, science communications and change-making.

mikko myllykoski

Managing Director of Heureka Science Center. 

Research group experts

MAtti Welin

Teemu Parkkinen

Iqra Khan

Vesa Lepistö

Kiia Mölsä

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