Fashionable sustainability? -online workshop

Should I prefer organic cotton or recycled polyester? Is Fair Trade better than ‘Made in Finland’? How about choosing carbon neutral product, t-shirt produced from cutting waste or seeking second-hand treasure?

Sustainable alternatives seem to be available everywhere. ‘Sustainable’ offerings from fast fashion brands to expensive designer brands leave us questioning what sustainability after all is. Sustainability has become a competitive advantage for companies – a way to sell more. Meanwhile, consumers are getting lost into jungle of (sustainable) choices.

Fashionable sustainability? -workshop is an interactive zoom-meeting that aims to structure the multifaceted sustainability concept, especially in the fashion and textile industry. Workshop introduces Shades of Green -tool that has been built to clarify sustainability communication towards consumers by structuring sustainability actions different levels. The workshop challenges its participants to rethink the sustainability in fashion, to structure definitions of quality, and also examine the roles and responsibilities of consumers and companies.

The workshop welcomes fashion lovers who are keen to understand and rethink the fashion domain though sustainable lenses.

The first workshop will be organized in Finnish and the second workshop in English:

Tuesday 15.9.2020 at 15-16.30 (in Finnish)

Monday 21.9.2020 at 18-19.30 (in English)

Register here to get the participation link.

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